Unattended Child Policy

In an effort to provide a library environment that allows all patrons to utilize library materials and information sources in a safe, relaxed manner, the PPL Board of Trustees has adopted a policy statement concerning unattended or disruptive children.

Parents may not leave children under the age of ten (10) years unattended in the library. The public library is not a day care provider, but a public institution where all patrons have an equal right to quality library services and the quiet enjoyment of those services.

If a child under the age of ten is left unattended in the library a staff member will attempt to locate his/her parents. For the safety of the child, the staff will not allow a child under the age of ten to wait outside the building for a ride home. If the parents cannot be reached before closing time no staff member is expected or permitted to remain after closing hours with an unattended child, nor give him/her a ride home. The police will be called to escort the child home, or keep the child safe until the parents can be reached.

In the case of disruptive children it is understood that parents are responsible for their children's conduct while in the library. If a child is interfering with patrons' enjoyment of library services a staff member may ask the parent to remove the child from the premises until the child can behave in an appropriate manner. If the child is over the age of ten and not accompanied by a parent, the staff will attempt to reach the child's parents to inform them of their child's behavior. The staff member will also fill out an incident report and call the police if necessary.

Library privileges may be revoked at the discretion of the director if disruptive behavior continues